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Grocery Cart Wheels

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Casters and trolley pulleys are essential components used for smooth and efficient movement in various applications. Casters are wheels attached to a swivel or rigid mount, allowing easy mobility and rotation in different directions. They are commonly found on furniture, carts, and industrial equipment.

Trolley pulleys, on the other hand, are designed for lifting and transporting heavy loads along tracks or beams. They often feature sturdy construction, bearings, and hooks to ensure safe and controlled movement. Both casters and trolley pulleys contribute to improved productivity and convenience in industries such as logistics, manufacturing, and transportation.

Product Namegrocery 

Grocery Cart Wheels


Industrial, Trolley, Forklift, Shelves, ect

Top Plate Size


Hole Spacing


Hole Dia


Wheel Material

PU On Cast Iron

Caster Size

3 inch, 4inch, 5inch  /  75mm, 100mm, 125mm

Type Of Caster

Fixed, Swivel, Swivel With Brake, Top Plate, Bolt Holder, Threaded Stem

Product Detail

Wheelbarrow pulley details


• Furniture • IV Poles • Seating • Medical Equipment • Electronic Equipment

Wheelbarrow pulley application

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