Skateboard Wheel & Beach Wheel

The deep groove ball bearing is a type of rolling bearing commonly used in industrial applications where high speeds and loads are present.

The bearing consists of an inner and outer ring, a set of balls, a cage that holds the balls in place, and seals to prevent dirt and debris from entering the bearing. The deep groove design of the bearing allows for increased radial and axial load capacity, as well as reduced friction and energy consumption during operation.

With its high-performance capabilities and wide range of applications, the deep groove ball bearing is an important component in modern machinery and equipment.

Skateboard Wheel and Beach Wheel

Application of Skateboard Wheel & Beach Wheel

Skateboard wheels are typically used on skateboards and longboards for street, ramp, and downhill skating. They are made of polyurethane and come in various sizes and durometers to provide optimal grip and speed for different types of skating.

Beach wheels, on the other hand, are designed to traverse soft and uneven terrain such as sand, mud, and gravel. They have large balloon-like tires that provide flotation and reduce the amount of pressure on the surface, making it easier to move heavy loads over difficult terrain.

While skateboard wheels can also be used on other types of wheeled devices such as scooters and rollerblades, beach wheels are primarily used for carts, wagons, and other hauling equipment used at the beach or in outdoor environments.

Both types of wheels have different applications and are not interchangeable. Skateboard wheels are designed for speed and maneuverability on smooth surfaces, while beach wheels are designed for stability and flotation on soft, uneven surfaces.

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