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Crescent Lock Hook Lock Aluminum Alloy

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      Crescent locks (window locks) are widely used on plastic steel aluminum alloy sliding windows. The hardware for opening and closing the sliding window is the crescent lock. Because of its shape like a crescent, people call it a crescent lock.
       The crescent lock not only plays the role of opening and closing, but also plays an anti-theft function to a certain extent.
       The appearance of the crescent lock generally has spray paint, baking paint, spray coating, electroplating and so on. The crescent lock can generally rotate 180 degrees (some can be rotated 360 degrees). The high-quality crescent lock rotates more flexibly and freely, there is no noise when rotating, and the elasticity is better.

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Crescent Lock Hook Lock Aluminum Alloy


Different rollers with different sizes could do as per your demand, samples, drawings


Aluminium Alloy, Zamak, Steel, Stainless steel frame


Handle, Lock, Hinges,

Delivery  date

Generally, 20~30 days for 300000 pcs goods


Window door accessories system


Poly bags+ctns+pallets or as per buyers’ requirement


good performance, clearance of small, low-noise, competitive price with good quality



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Zinc plating, Nickel Plating, Chrome plating, Black spraying, Anodizing

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