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Longboard Wheels

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Skateboard wheels are essential components that facilitate smooth movement and tricks. They are typically made of durable polyurethane material and come in various sizes and hardness levels. The wheels feature a hub in the center, where bearings are inserted for reduced friction.

Their rounded shape and tread patterns provide grip and stability on different surfaces. Wheel hardness affects speed and traction, with softer wheels offering better grip and slower speeds, while harder ones allow for faster acceleration and slides. Wheel diameter impacts stability and maneuverability, with larger wheels providing stability and smaller ones enabling quick turns and tricks.

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PU Wheel Features

PU wheels have high performance, they have lots of advantages as follows: high elasticity, low-rolling resistance, abrasion resistance, shock absorption resistance, tearing resistance, chemical resistance, and radiation resistance.

PU Wheel Main Parameters

1. Size, in various sizes for different products–skates, scooters, skateboards, luggage.
2. Hardness, PU can be different hardness, we can produce the hardness as follows: 70A, 78A, 82A, 88A, 95A.
The higher the hardness, PU will be harder, the more wear-resistant, the higher the load, and the higher the speed, but the worse the comfortability.
3. Material, PU wheels are usually divided into two parts, inner hub and outside PU, hub is PP material, outside is PolyUrethane material.
4. Rebound, better rebound have better performance, we have two kinds of material for different rebound level, HR(High Rebound) material and SHR(Super High Rebound) material.
5. Colour, Hub and PU colours are customizable, opaque or transparent, all colour is available.
6. The appearance printing, we can make the printing of customers’ logos on the wheel.

We can produce PU wheels according to customer requirements.

Size, hardness, colour, printing all parameters can be customizable.

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