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Stainless Steel Sliding Stay Hinges

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        Sliding stay, stainless steel sliding stay hinge, mostly made of stainless steel, is a link-type movable link device used to connect the window sash and the window frame so that the window can be opened and closed.
        The sliding brace generally includes a slide rail, a slider, a support arm, a long cantilever, a short cantilever, and an oblique cantilever. The slider is installed on the slide rail, the long cantilever is hinged between the slide rail and the support arm, and the short cantilever is hinged between the slider and the Between the supporting arms, the oblique cantilever is hinged between the slider and the long cantilever.

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Stainless Steel Sliding Stay Hinges


Generally 8/10/12/14/16/18/20/22/24 inches, could do as per your demand, samples, drawings




round groove, square groove … or any other shape you want.

Delivery date

Generally, 20~30 days for 300000 pcs goods


4 link/5link


Door and window opening and closing


Poly bags+ctns+pallets or as per buyers’ requirement


good performance, clearance of small, low-noise, competitive price with good quality



surface treatment Natural or Polished

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